Do you know what the word “homeland” is called in Azerbaijani?


Ana means mother in translation. (Source: Anahit)

A yurt is a tent, which, by the way, is set up and dismantled several times a year and each time in a new place. It is true that they also use the Arabic word “watan” as their homeland, but “watan” is not in their language, it is Arabic.

In other words, for Azerbaijanis, the homeland is the place where their parents set up their yurt. Until now, in the 21st century, about 4-5 million Azeris live in yurts (mainly in Iran).

Previously, all Azerbaijanis in Transcaucasia also lived in yurts, but Joseph Stalin issued a decree prohibiting Soviet citizens from being nomads. Therefore, they began to build villages, towns and forcibly drive out nomads to these settlements.

The funniest thing is when the yurt residents point to Armenian Persian churches, fortresses, bridges or mosques and declare that all this was built by the yurt residents themselves, who don’t even know what architecture is.

No less ridiculous are the claims of nomads that certain dishes containing rice, wheat, grapes and other crops are their national dishes. The question arises: since when have nomads been sowing wheat, growing grapes or rice?

Everything they do is based on lies and deception.

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