The preliminary investigation into the case of Gagik Voskanyan, a captive Azerbaijani reservist, was completed in Baku and the documents were sent to the Gandzak Serious Crimes Court.

In Baku, Voskanyan was accused of terrorism, weapons smuggling, illegal border crossing and other charges. Baku media also report that the first court hearing in Voskanyan’s case is scheduled for November 30. It should be noted that previously the Baku court used Voskanyan’s detention as a preventive measure.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Defense of Eastern Armenia announced on August 16 that reservist Gagik Voskanyan, according to preliminary data, voluntarily left the combat position and that search operations were underway to find him.

Later, the Azerbaijani side announced that it had arrested an Armenian soldier. The adversary did not miss the opportunity to spread new disinformation, claiming that there had been a subversive infiltration attempt.

The Ministry of Defense of Eastern Armenia presented a video showing how a group of soldiers of the Baku Armed Forces approached reservist Gagik Voskanyan, who presented himself to the Azerbaijani side under still unknown circumstances, and told him spoke, then arrested him and transported him to an unknown destination by car.