The roads are open, the infrastructures are mainly improved in Syria’s Aleppo, the life has returned to its normal course, Jirair Reisian – ethnic Armenian lawmaker of the Syrian parliament, told a press conference in Armenia, stating that now the situation has significantly improved in the city compared to the past.

“There were days when we had no water, electricity for a long time. Today the situation is different, we have electricity more than 10 hours a day, the issue of the water supply has been solved. The city authorities have carried out significant works on cleaning the city from stones and garbage. In other words, we can state that the life has returned to its normal course”, the MP said.

The ethnic Armenian lawmaker stated that during the Syrian war the country suffered great damages, today the government faces major material duties. Nevertheless, the government together with the people carries out activities to restore the country. As for the achievements of the Syrian Army, the lawmaker said today the country’s most important territories are liberated.

Talking about the movement of Syrian-Armenians in Aleppo, Jirair Reisian said there are already positive trends, a lot of families have taken practical steps and returned to the city. The returnees are both from Lebanon and Western countries. Some of Armenians restore their previous activities and some of them launch new ones. The Armenian community with its national centers has launched the restoration process of Armenian centers and structures.

Aleppo was liberated on December 12, 2016.