President of Armenian Armen Sarkissian has talked about the work with the new Prime Minister Niko Pashinyan and Armenian-Russian relations in an interview with Russian TV Channel “Rossia 24”․

In the president’s words, Armenian and Russian relations have the potential to expand both in the culture and economic spheres.

“I am a little dissatisfied with our relations as in my view, we could have deeper and more enhanced relations. I am not satisfied how we are positioning ourselves in Russia – even though around 3 million Armenians reside in Russia – almost as many as in Armenia,” the president has noted, pointing first of all to the Armenians’ educational and cultural presence.

Sarkissian has also pointed to the lack of desired economic cooperation. “We can do even more. Armenia may become a real partner for Russia and Eurasian countries in certain spheres, such as in new technologies. We have a rapidly developing IT sector and the potential for future growth”

As to the membership in the Eurasian Economic Union, per Sarkissian, Armenia has not fully discovered its potential.