The Székely Land (Szeklerland) is a region of central Romania. The primary goal for the Hungarian political organisations in Romania is to achieve Szekler autonomy. The Szeklers make up about half of the Hungarians in Romania and live in an ethnic block. According to official data from the Romania’s 2011 census, 609,033 persons in Mureş, Harghita and Covasna counties consider themselves Hungarian (56.8% of total population of the three counties). The Székelys (Szeklers), a Hungarian sub-group, are mainly concentrated in these three counties.


The Western Armenia is, as a result of a brutal history, so the Western Armenia National team representing the Armenian indigenous people primarily from the region (State) of Western Armenia.

Recall that by the Council of People’s Commissars of Soviet Union December 29, 1917 decree proclaimed the rights of Armenians of the occupied territories of “Turkish Armenia” (Western Armenia) and the freedom of self-determination up to full independence.
And on January 19, 1920 the Allied Supreme Council at Paris Conference de facto and on May 11, 1920 at San Remo Conference de jure recognized the Armenian state in Western Armenia as an independent and sovereign state which boundary with Turkey was the subject of an arbitral award by the United States President Woodrow Wilson on November 22, 1920
Note, that the State of Western Armenia is not recognized by UN authorities because it is occupied by Turkey.
As a reminder, in the occupied territories of Western Armenia from 1894 to 1923 the Armenian indigenous population was subjected to Genocide by three Turkish governments.
The city of Karin (Erzerum) is the official capital of Western Armenia recognized by the Allied Powers.
Inside and outside Western Armenia, the national team of Western Armenia represents more than ten million Armenians. (AA)