Archaeological excavations in the three excataion sites of Artsakh – Tigranakert, Nor Karmiravan and Karin Tak cave will continue this year.
The highly publicized research of the Shushi mosque has been completed, and restoration works will go on this year. Restorations will also continue in the Dadivank monastery, Nzhdeh Yeranyan – member of the Artsakh Archaeological Group of Armenia’s Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography told ARMENPRESS.
He said that excavations in the village of Nor Karmiravan, a village where back in the 1960s humanoid like pillars were discovered, has already kicked off. He said soon the second phase will begin. The pillars are dated back to the 8-6th centuries B.C. and are most likely gravestones.

Speaking about the Shushi mosque, where for the first time excavations began in 2017, he said that workers are currently restoring the mosque.

Excavations in Karin Tak will begin in August.
Back in 2016, a 6500 year-old human tooth was discovered in the cave.
In Tigranakert, the excavations will begin mid-July and will last until October.