The official position of Russia on Nagorno Karabakh conflict has not changed, official representative of the Foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova told the reporters. “We work with the sides to record results. We do not compare our role in this issue with those of Baku of Yerevan, but this issue is one of the key issues of our international agenda. And for that reason the settlement of the conflict based on the approaches agreed by the two countries and mutual respect is in the sidelines of our interests”, Zakharova said, answering the question how she would comment on the announcement of Russian State Duma Chairman that “Azerbaijan displays constructive stance on Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement”, when the leadership of the country periodically makes announcements on solving the conflict through military ways.

Zakharova added that different individuals, parliamentarians, politicians, historians and political scientist can make different announcements, but added that official positions are announced at official levels.

Referring to the possible meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Zakharova underlined that if such a meeting takes place Russia wants it to be productive and constructive.