The lawyers of Armenians, seeking compensation for lands occupied by Turkey during the Genocide against Armenians, spoke in the Ninth Circuit Court of Cassation.

They announced that relevant international laws condemning Turkey’s actions existed at that time and this factor should be taken into consideration in current litigation, reported.

On December 2010 descendants of the survivors of Genocide against Armenians filed a suit, announcing that the Ottoman Empire seized their ancestors’ land and illegally made profit from its sale.

Plaintiffs Alex Bakalian, Anais Haroutunian, and Rita Maghdesian demanded $65 million as a compensation and a decision that Turkey could be judged in US courts for the actions related to the Genocide against 1.5 million Armenians within Ottoman Empire.

This case is only valid for the descendants of genocide survivors, who have been able to represent their ancestors’ property documents.

The Republic of Western Armenia wants to remind that the occupation of the homeland and the organized annihilation of  millions of Armenians morally cannot have a cost.

From 1894 to 1923, the genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire and subsequently by the Turkish state against the Armenians, according to factual data till 2015, caused harm of 12.5 trillion Euros, not including the issues of the occupied territories of Western Armenia.