In connection with the declaration of France as “the national day of commemoration of the Armenian Genocide,” Garnik Sargsyan, the Prime Minister of Western Armenia, represents an article according to which with this step French authorities did not contribute to the welfare of all Armenians.

Prime Minister Garnik Sargsyan, represented his opinion connected with the issue. He mentioned: “we have no problem with this decision of France, we are even grateful for it, the only problem is the infinite ignorance of our nation over our national problems. For example, most of the people are unaware of the fact that if the French state today sincerely wants to do something for the welfare of Armenians, it can simply bring to life a series of documents that have been signed and accepted by political and legal force. Among them is the recognition of the Armenian state in the territories of Western Armenia on January 19, 1920,  with the permission of opening embassy of Western Armenia in Paris, as well as implement the Treaty of Sevres, implement it through the United Nations in relation to Western Armenia, representing the territory of Western Armenia by the arbitral award Wilson and also other real steps that are good for Armenians.”.

So, in our article we urge all Armenian people to come to consciousness and be aware of what to expect from the French state today.

The French authorities are deceiving not only Armenians but also their people.

The reality is that if France takes real and serious steps, respecting its international obligations, especially with regard to the Armenians, it will receive the support of not only Armenians, and its own people of France but also of all of Europe.

You can see the full article of Prime Minister Garnik Sargsyan by visiting the official website of the State Television Company of Western Armenia.