In connection with the 104th anniversary of the Genocide against Armenians, the National Council of Western Armenia organized several commemoration events in a number of French cities.

In the commemoration ceremony in Paris participated the President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan, Honorary Consul of Western Armenia Remy Makinadjyan,  Deputies of Western Armenia Patilia Abrahamyan, Bassam Tahhan, Massis Piltoyan and member of the National Council of Western Armenia Guy Khachanyan.

At the commemoration ceremony held in Marseilles, President Armanak Abrahamyan presented the guests the consequences of the Genocide and the steps of Western Armenia aimed at the international recognition and reparation of that crime.

During the ceremony held in Lyon deputy of Western Armenia Lidia Markosyan, Senator Gilbert-Luke Devinaz and other community members in their speeches spoke about the international recognition and reparation of the Genocide against Armenians.

Commemoration event took place in Mandelieu la Napoule beside the memorial dedicated to the Genocide against Armenians, where President Armenak Abrahamyan, President of the Association of French Veterans and Partisans of Armenian Origin Vrezh Abrahamyan and many MPs and representatives of the Armenian community represented their speeches.