As every year, the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France organized in Paris “104th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide”

At 18:00 pm, around 300 people, surrounded by security guards, were walking around the Canadian square on the occasion of the anniversary of the genocide crime.

It is worth mentioning that there are approximately 200,000 Armenians in Paris and its regions.

To fix the event, CCAF’s Coordination Service took the posters of police cars, distributed to the demonstrators, reminding them that they are celebrating the “104 Anniversary of the Genocide.”

Because of this situation, the Prime Minister arrived an hour later, at 19:00 pm. Indeed, a ray of sunshine  replaced short-term showers, and the square of Canada was filling up progressively, not counting people in the VIP area.

After the brief speeches of two co-chairmen of the association and Mrs. Anne Hidalgo, the prime minister’s speech was accompanied by an incomprehensible voice interventions, and the crowd could hardly understand his speech, but still some people  applauded out of politeness.

After the wreath laying ceremony and national anthems, the demonstrators moved to the Turkish Embassy to join the demonstration shouting “killer Turkey”. It should be noted, that the organizers of this demonstration never sent a formal note to Turkey to recognize the Genocide against the Armenian people.

With the will of God, next year we will meet again.