New documents reveal that the founder of Turkey, Ataturk bought chemical weapons from Nazi Germany (1937) and used it  for the Alevi massacres in Dersim.

The Turkish state killed thousands of civilians in Dersim, Northern Kurdistan, in 1937-1938.

The documents show that Atatürk ordered that toxic gas be transported to Elaziz (Elazig) and be used against civilians in Dersim, Kurdistan.

Atatürk proves Hitler that killing civilians with a poisonous gas is “not a crime” in 1937, then Hitler goes on his way and does exactly the same thing to the Jews in Germany.


Former Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ihsan Sabri Caglayangil admitted that the Turkish army used chemical weapons against women and children trapped in caves and exterminated the entire population of Dersim.

Nazi Germany has delivered Turkey the Heinkel planes. Chemical attacks in Dersim were carried out by these planes. Sabiha Gokçen, Atatürk’s adopted daughter, was one of the pilots flying on Dersim when Turkish aviation dumped toxic gas on the Kurdish population.