Dear Friends and Compatriots,

27 years ago, in April 1992, military preparations for the liberation of Shushi began in Stepanakert.

From the very beginning and within the framework of these military preparations, the trainers of the Liberation Army (battalion of fighters of Western Armenia) were engaged in training volunteer soldiers to liberate Shushi under the command of Arkadi Ter Tadevosyan.

In addition to preparations for the liberation of Shushi, all the fronts of Artsakh’s territory were under the control of volunteers to prevent attacks by the Azerbaijani army.

The liberation of Shushi for the Armenian people symbolized not only the liberation of Artsakh, but also the liberation of the aspirations of the Armenian people, the restoration of its independence, including Western Armenia, since the liberation of Artsakh was carried out with the participation of volunteers from Western Armenia.

I would like to remind that on December 17, 2004 in Shushi, the National Council of Western Armenia officially announced the right of the Armenian people to self-determination and the right of Western Armenia to independence.

Today we celebrate the 27th anniversary of the liberation of Shushi, tomorrow we will celebrate the liberation of all Western Armenia.

Before this khachkar in Marseilles, which is the only one in Europe in memory of the volunteers of  Artsakh liberation, we say:


To all Armenians and all nations that won a great victory

In World War II


With the historic liberation of Shushi


With the Third Anniversary of the Constitution of Western Armenia


On the 99th anniversary of the legal and final international recognition of the state of Western Armenia on May 11, 1920,

99th anniversary of recognition by the United States of America of the State of Armenia in the territory of Western Armenia

Please accept my sincere congratulations on our special holidays.

Glory to Artsakh, Glory to Western Armenia, Glory to the Armenian people.

Armenak Abrahamyan

President of the National Council of Western Armenia