Armenians are living in the Northern part of Iraq, Kurdistan region for several generations About mid of 1800’s, six generations ago, a young man called Bakoz (Boghos) from the clan Geznakh in Hakari came with his mother to Avzrog Miri in Northern Iraqi Kurdistan and married an Armenian girl from Sarkissian family which was already settled there. They became the founders of Bakoyan family. For more generations followed them with the fathers Revo, Gulan, Davud and Shahin.

1954 , is the village of Avzrog born Aram ( Aram Shahin Davud Gulan Revo Bakoz Bakoyan) . Aram ,and his three sons and one daughter still live in Avzrog. Today village Avzrog is totally Armenian Village. Aram was only 14 years when he joined Peshmerga with another six Armenian boys from Zakho

During 1974 in the fighting he has been injured by a cannon blast on the left shoulder and stayed almost three months in a hospital in Mahabad, Kurdistan of Iran. In 1977 Aram arrested and sent to prison, and he has been tortured brutally . He was released and continued participating in the political and social life.

Aram elected in the kurdistan region parliament member. He works very hard to preserve the Armenian cultural heritage and to help Armenian community , which they are now around 10,000 living in Kurdistan region. They are absolutely respected by all Kurds. Armenians now have five Churches, 2 Schools and Sunday Schools in Erbil, Zakho, Dohok,, Avzrog, Havresk and a city named by Sarkis Aghajanian .