Araksi Demirchyan, 84, living in Armenia alone, is hoping to appeal to the Armenian Prime Minister and the European Court of Human Rights in return for real estate owned by his mother and grandmother. Ottoman and Arabic documents and translations Araksi keeps in a safe place, reports.

Her mother, Mariam Kachikyan-Demirchyan, brought the property documents to Eastern Armenia and talked about it all her life but Araksi found these documents only after her mother’s death.

When men were being massacred in Kharberd, Western Armenia, Araks’s grandmother, Martha, fled to Aleppo with her three daughters. She applied to the relevant authorities in Aleppo to recover the property, but does not succeed.

According to these documents, Mariam owned 8300 liras property in Turkey and Martha had 9700.

Araksi Demirchyan has translated these documents, applied to a number of agencies over the years, but did not succeed. She even went to Turkey to talk to lawyers, but everything was in vain.

This time Araksi looks forward to the support of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and wants to apply to the European Court of Human Rights  to recover his family legacy.