Vahe Tachjian and his wife Elke Hartmann living in Berlin initiated a program of gathering in one place all the items that are linked with Armenians dating back to the years of the  Genocide against Armenians and before it. The Los Angeles Times did not bypass this important initiative. 

“The project started in 2010. Tachjian and Hartmann found a vein of material in what were known as “houshamadyan,” handwritten and self-published memory books that describe the villages and ancestral lands of Armenians who were forced to flee. In 2011, they began posting information from these documents on their website, which they named Houshamadyan.

Almost as soon as the site launched, they began receiving emails from around the world written by the descendants of Armenians offering their own records. He estimates that the Houshamadyan project has collected more than 30,000 photographs from across the diaspora.