WESTERN ARMENIA – On April 17, 2020 passed away Mr. Pierre Tilbian. On behalf of the Parliament of Western Armenia, we would like to express our sincere condolences to his family and relatives.

He was a son of Western Armenia whose roots were from Marash. Mr. Pierre Tilbian became a citizen of the State of Western Armenia on March 24, 2018 during a ceremony his official identity card was given to him. He understood the meaning and all the symbolism of attachment to the Motherland. He understood that Western Armenia was the last way of salvation for all Armenians and that was the path he had chosen to follow.

He always participated with passion in all the meetings of the Assembly of Armenians of Western Armenia in Lyon to which he was a member.

The memory of Pierre Tilbian will remain alive for generations.

Mr. Leonardo Basmadian, President of the Parliament of Western Armenia

Ms. Lydia Margossian Vice-President of the Parliament of Western Armenia

Lyon, April 19, 2020