N.Lygeros: 4th Anniversary of the Constitution of Western Armenia


Four years after its Declaration, the Constitution of Western Armenia is now a real instrument which strengthens Human Rights and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Also, what was impossible a few years ago, changes reality.

This effectively shows that the will of a people can overcome immeasurable difficulties in achieving a new meaning for their history, by preparing their future and reestablishing an earlier reality.

Thus the Constitution of Western Armenia is not based on the post-genocide, but rather on the concept of Armenity. In this way, it transcends a victimological vision to highlight the fact that the Armenian people have a value for Humanity, regardless of the existence of the historical genocide.

In this sense, it is a Constitution of an indigenous people who assert their nature without fear because they participated in the drafting of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, recognized by the United Nations in 2007. This Constitution already has a past charged with history which represents an added value.

Thus, this anniversary shows that there is a path to follow which leads to the liberation of a people and their ancestral territory via a legal approach on the one hand and a strategic approach on the other hand, while relying on International Law.

Nikos Lygeros

President of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Western Armenia