GARIN, WESTERN ARMENIA – Today marks the Centennial anniversary of the de jure recognition of the State of Armenia in the territory of Western Armenia by the Supreme Council of the Allied and Associated Powers as well as the United States of America.

The National Council, Government and Parliament of Western Armenia, constituting the national and pan-national representation of Armenians of Western Armenia, remind the international community of Turkey’s flagrant violation of international law and the necessity to restore international order without exceptions, based on fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter, the Treaty of Sèvres, and the associated Wilsonian Arbitral Award which conclusively delineates its border with Turkey.

Western Armenia, the patrimony of every Armenian devastated by the Genocide, currently faces new provocations and violations of its sovereign rights by the occupation of Turkey, including periodic state-sponsored assassinations of ethnic Armenians, statements by senior Turkish officials that justify and protract the Genocide, and destruction and theft of vestiges of millennia-old Armenian heritage across the Armenian Highlands. 

Western Armenia does not stand alone against these challenges.  Turkey must realize that intensifying illegalities, including offensives into northern Syria and Libya, oil drilling off the coast of Cyprus, and airspace violations over Greece and Iraq, cannot but lead to a proliferation of international reactions against it.

Western Armenia categorically condemns all security threats to the Armenian people issued by Turkey, including the decades-long land blockade of the Republic of Armenia and sustained political-military support to Azerbaijan against the Armenian people of Western Armenia, the Republic of Armenia, and Artsakh.

The prime objective of the National Council, Government and Parliament of Western Armenia remains the restoration of international legality in the region, the termination of Turkish occupation, the provision of reparations from Turkey and Germany, and the rebirth of vibrant Armenian life in the ancestral homeland.

Armenag Aprahamian

President of the Republic of Western Armenia