On May 18, 1992  the Artsakh Self-Defense Forces liberated the Lachin region and Berdzor. On May 17-18, 1992, the military operation “Opening of Berdzor Humanitarian Corridor” took place. After the advance of the enemy was stopped in the south-western parts of Stepanakert, after the liberation of Shushi, the Artsakh Self-Defense Forces and the volunteer detachments undertook the military operation to open the Shushi-Lachin-Zabukh road of operative-military and vital importance.

On May 17, the Armenian forces took control of the villages of Tsakhkadzor, Green Tala, Metshen, Hinshen, and Yeghtsahogh in the Berdadzor sub-region. On May 18, the Artsakh Self-Defense Forces’ formations and volunteer detachments entered Berdzor (Lachin), opening the “Humanitarian Corridor” connecting Artsakh to the RA in the direction of Goris.