The 3,500-year-old hittite reservoir, located in the Altinyayla region of Western Armenia, on a hill 2,000 meters above sea level, continues to store water despite centuries.

Sarissa, a Hittite city, draws attention to its 3,500-year-old dam, which is said to be the first in the world. The ancient dam on the hill, also known as the “King’s Pool”, continues to hold water despite its antiquity.

It is believed that the ancient reservoir was built 3,500 years ago to meet the water needs of the historic city of Hittite. It is also said that the Hittite kings used the dam as a swimming pool.

It is known that the ancient city of Sarissa is the second largest city in Hittite. The first excavations in Sarissa began in 1992, which is also known as the place where the first written peace treaty was signed. Excavations over the past 11 years have uncovered numerous finds that shed light on history, such as the statue of the twin bulls on display at the Sebastia Museum.