Armenia’s chances to be a key role-player on the international financial market are becoming an increasingly deepening belief among specialists in the financial sector.

A drastic or rapid growth in the traditional branches of the economy being almost hardly achievable, the right steps on the financial market are now thought instead to promise a serious overturn.

In other words, Armenia has the potential to turn into a “crypto Switzerland”,  a perspective allowing the country to open cyrptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) exchange units to liven up the other sectors of the national economy and attract  hundreds and millions of US Dollars, says the paper, describing the idea promising also for Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Citing an informed source, the paper claims that an Armenian company has already opened a branch in the county, being for now the only business entity of the kind promising to be a component of Artsakh’s financial independence.

The paper also cites the numerous available analysis predicting the leading role of cryptocurrencies and electronic money as the “world’s future” and noting that countries like China and Japan, as well as Facebook, Inc and other companies and different other states have already domesticated the practice.