In  Tunceli, Western Armenian, the water level of the Uzuncayir Dam has been lowered by 6 meters in search of the missing university student Gulistan Doku,  the search works continue.

A 125-centimeter-long giant iguana was found in the Skyutar district of Constantinople and is taken under protection. 

As a result of a search of a house in Van, 319 coins of historical value were confiscated.

One of the most dangerous spiders in the world, the poisonous insect called Sarıkız has started to appear frequently in some regions of Western Armenia. The Sarıkız spider, no less dangerous than the scorpion, has begun to bother citizens more often than in previous years.

The number of people drowned as a result of the sinking of a refugee boat on Lake Van on June 27 has reached 61.