Armenian President Armen Sarkissian sat down with the Syrian Al-Azmenah newspaper for an exclusive interview on the Treaty of Sevres, as August 10, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of its signing.

“Armenpress” was informed about this from the Public Relations Department of the RA President’s Office.

Within the framework of the interview, the President of the Republic of Armenia particularly said the following:

The Treaty of Sèvres in its essence was a peace treaty and with this regard it really could have solved fundamentally one of the thorniest for our region problems – the Armenian issue. Turkey and Armenia agreed to leave demarcation of the borders between the two countries in Erzrum, Trabzon, Van, and Bitlis provinces to the decision made by the United States (the arbitral award of President Woodrow Wilson which on November 22 will also mark its 100th anniversary). I would rather say that the Treaty of Sèvres was not fully ratified which means it remains unperfected and it is true that when it comes to Armenia its decisions were not implemented because the international political situation had changed but, at the same time, it was never denounced either”.

You can read the full interview on Armenpress website.