The Akhtamar Church, which has been turned into a memorial-museum in Western Armenia, is one of Van’s most important historical and tourist values, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It hosted 83,000 local and foreign tourists in 7 months. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List 3 years ago.

The opening ceremony of Akhtamar Church as a memorial-museum took place with the participation of the then Minister of Culture and Tourism Atila Koch, as well as the Armenian Patriarch of Turkey Mesrop Mutafyan, the RA Deputy Minister of Culture Gagik Gyurjyan, the ambassadors of 30 countries and Armenian representatives.

Along with some of the structures found during the excavations in the church, restoration works were also carried out in the sections of the monastery and chapel.

The Akhtamar Memorial-Museum, where Armenian citizens are allowed to hold a liturgy once a year, is waiting to be included in the permanent UNESCO World Heritage List.

The church is presented as a symbol of tolerance and sincerity.