The entrance to the 1800-year-old Zerzevan Fortress, currently under excavation and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, located near the Chinar, Tigranakert has been found.

Occupying an area of about 60 acres, 12-15 m high, surrounded by a 1200 m long fence, includes a 21-meter-high observation post, a defense tower, a church, an administrative building, apartments, grain and weapons reserve, an underground hall of worship, a shelter, a cave, canals and 54 reservoirs. Excavations shed light on the history of the fortress.

Excavations have been underway for 6 years at Zerzevan Fortress, which served as a “military settlement” during the Roman Empire.

Excavations at the fortress fences began for the first time this year, revealing the entrance to the 1,800-year-old fortress. It turns out that the fortress has only one entrance և one exit.