The tomb of the Arshakunis is located in the village of Aghtsk (Dzorap), Aragatsotn region, where the remains of the pagan-christian Armenian Arshakuni kings were buried. It dates back to the second half of the 4th century.

Excavations in 1973-1974 uncovered a staircase (consisting of 5 steps) of the upper part of the mausoleum, the basement bypassing the south side from the east, and the remains of a three-nave basilica.

It is supposed that the mausoleum was two-storey, consisting of a semi-bas-relief and attic (not preserved). The stones of the fronts of the rectangular niches on both sides of the western entrance are decorated with pagan and early Christian ornaments (lion, dog, deer, bull, etc.). Royal relics have not been preserved to this day.