The local authorities of Van are preparing for the liturgy which will take place on September 6 by the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople  in the Holy Cross Church of Akhtamar Island.

This was announced by Van Governor and Acting Mayor of Van Mehmet Emin Bilmez, adding that participation will be limited this year.

It is reported that a 25-member staff will arrive from the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople to hold the liturgy.

Let us remind that the Holy Cross Church of Akhtamar was built in 915-921 by the order of King Gagik Artsruni of Vaspurakan.

The church was built by the famous architect, painter and sculptor Manvel (Monuel).

In 1113-1895 a separate Catholicosate of Akhtamar functioned there, after the abolition of which the monasteries and churches belonging to it passed to the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople. The island and the church were abandoned in 1915 after the genocide against  Armenians.