WESTERN ARMENIA – On 09 August 2016, the Republic of Western Armenia ratified the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, concluded at Montego Bay on 10 December 1982.

Guided by the will to resolve all questions of maritime law in a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation;

Recognizing that issues of maritime space are closely interrelated and must be considered as a whole,

Recognizing the desire to establish and genuinely value the sovereignty of all States through this Convention,

Desiring to establish a legal regime for the seas and oceans that facilitates, international communications and the peaceful use of the seas and oceans;

Considering that the achievement of these objectives will contribute to the establishment of a just and equal international economic order,

Convinced that the codification and progressive development of the law of the sea within the framework of this Convention will contribute to the strengthening of peace, security, cooperation and friendly relations among all States in accordance with the principles of justice and equality

The President of the Republic of Western Armenia, Armenag Aprahamian ratified the Decree on the Maritime Law of 10 December 1982. United Nations Convention, on 09 August 2016.

Concerning the maritime territory of Western Armenia in the Black Sea, on a total area of 322,980 km², Western Armenia is sovereign over an area equivalent to more than 10% of the total maritime territorial space of the Black Sea. (see map).