WESTERN ARMENIA – President Armenag Aprahamian extends his congratulations to the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia on the 30th anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Republic of Armenia.

Indeed, thirty years ago, on 23 August 1990, under extremely difficult internal and external conditions, the Supreme Council of the SSR of Armenia adopted at its first session the Declaration on the Independence of Armenia (Eastern).

This marked the beginning of a new era in the life of the Armenian people after 70 years of the Soviet era.

This Declaration of Independence is unique, eternal and undisputed, because the same State cannot declare itself independent twice and be recognized twice in international law.

The Declaration of Independence adopted on 23 August paved the way for the 21 September referendum on independence, for a truly independent Armenia (East).

Similarly, Western Armenia was recognized as independent by the Supreme Council of the Allies de facto on 19 January 1920 and de jure on 11 May 1920, after the right to self-determination of the Armenian people of Western Armenia until its independence was recognized by Russia by official decree on 29 December 1917, these recognitions are equally unique, eternal and undisputed for Western Armenia.

Article 11 of the Declaration of Independence of 23 August 1990, “11. The Republic of Armenia supports the cause of international recognition of the 1915 genocide  in Western Armenia and Ottoman Turkey. The Republic of Armenia supports the cause of international recognition of the genocide of Armenians in 1915 in Western Armenia and Ottoman Turkey, “setting in stone the unquestionable position of the Republic of (Eastern) Armenia to recognize the existence of a Western Armenia and its people who were victims of genocide both by their past, present and future existence, the dignity and identity of this people of several thousand years.

If there was a before “Centenary of the Treaty of Sèvres”, there will also be an after, as can be seen throughout all the constituent bodies of the Armenian nation. It is therefore necessary to continue this work of raising awareness in order to enable each Armenian to reappropriate his history, his rights, his existence as such, but also to be an actor in it, as this is the only way to fight against the genocidal process that is taking place within each Armenian family.

Long live the Armenian people,

Long live Armenia