WESTERN ARMENIA – Once upon a time, Vrej Aprahamian 84 years old, President of the Armenian Veterans was decorated with the Volunteer Medal, today by David Isnard, Mayor of the city of Cannes.

Vrej Aprahamian, who was called to serve in Algeria from 1957 to 1959 and has been involved since 1994 in supporting the Artsakh Freedom Fighters, has been serving Western Armenia ever since, carrying the colours of the flag high at all patriotic ceremonies in France, not forgetting his remarkable and historic participation in the Centenary of the International Peace Treaty signed in Sèvres on 10 August 2020.

Member of the Parliament of Western Armenia, President of the Armenian Veterans in Antibes and Vice-President in Cannes with President Jean Ghazarossian, Vrej Aprahamian received this distinction and thus honoured all Armenian Veterans.

“Generous France will proudly remember that she had the honour of entrusting to the Sons of Armenia a lot of bayonets that they handled with enthusiasm” The Commander-in-Chief of the Occupation Troops of the Levant Jihan – August 19, 1920, General Gouraud.

Thank you Mr Isnard