After the excavations in the province of Van, Western Armenia, it turns out that 2,750 years ago, in the Urartian period, there were women governors.

Professor Dr. Rafet Çavuşoğlu, Head of the Department of Archeology at Van Hundredth Year University, pointed out: “The skeleton we found here was very important to us. The burnt skeleton was female, and along with the jewelry, there was a bronze seal next to the skeleton. At that time, the seal was an item used especially by the ruling merchant class”.

Various excavations have also been carried out on other skeletons found during the excavations. In the area of the necropolis, where 55 skeletons have been found so far, events are taking place that surprise scientists.

Çavuşoğlu stated that the jewelry on the women’s skeletons proves that this area belonged to the aristocratic ruling class.