On September 26, in the conference hall of the Yerevan Office of Western Armenia was held a conference entitled “The Centennial of the Independence of Cilicia and The Treaty of Sevres”.

Speakers delivered speeches during the conference, which led to an open, direct discussion with those present.

The participants asked their questions to the speakers, and received comprehensive answers during the conference.

The conference was concluded by the President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan, in his speech referring to the legal side of the centennial of Treaty of Sevres and Cilicia Independence. 

In the second part of the conference, attendees had a chance to attend the exhibition presenting the photographs by Samvel Karapetyan containing the historical monuments of Western Armenia.

This year, a number of events in the Yerevan office of Western Armenia were postponed but they will definitely happen in the near future.

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