Adhering to their policy of spreading misinformation, the Turkish-Azerbaijani media is flooded with fake news about the current Artsakh-Azerbaijani conflict.

In order to prevent panic in the extremely bad situation in Azerbaijan, the country’s authorities have blocked social networking sites, closed airports, declared curfews in a number of regions and cities, with the aim of hiding their failures from their own citizens.

The Turkish authorities support the Azerbaijani authorities in this matter, falsifying the real situation, hiding the defeats and losses, and spreading fake news about the armenian army.

Unable to break the resistance of the Armenian army on the battlefield, they try to succeed in the information field։ A vivid example are hacker attacks on Armenian news websites, phone frauds, and distortion of reality.

In particular, the Turkish news sites NTV, Milliyet, Habertürk write about more than 550 victims of the Armenian army, the destruction of a large number of military equipment, more than 6 villages occupied by Azerbaijan. These news are baseless, and do not correspond to reality.

The reality is that Azerbaijan has unleashed another military adventure, this time with the obvious support of Turkey.

We must prove once again that the Armenian army stands firmly on its border, ready to win the fight against both the regular Turkish armies and their sponsored terrorist mercenaries.