WESTERN ARMENIA-On the morning of September 27, Azerbaijan started a war against the Armenian people.

After organizing the displacement of hundreds of jihadists from the Afrin region in Syria, throughout the last week, the Azerbaijani armed forces attacked without restraint the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Artsakh

Unfortunately, we can already count the dozens of civilians affected by the shellings, including women and children. This aggression, backed by Turkey, is the beginning of a larger war that will lead to bloodshed throughout the Caucasus.

That is why Western Armenia calls on everyone to condemn any military aggression, to return the parties to the negotiating table, based on international peace treaties and international conventions.

If the goal is to create a chaos that will pave the way for the barbarity of criminal states, then let us continue in this direction, but everyone will lose.

“Nothing is stronger than international law,” President Erdogan suggested. In these conditions, it is time to implement the international peace treaty, that is, the Treaty of Sevres, the centenary of which is celebrated this year, in a fair and proper manner, this is the voice of the entire Armenian people.

The President of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan, who is currently in Yerevan, condemned the aggression and use of tactical military forces on land and air. He is  preparing a basis with the authorities of Artsakh and Armenia on the issue of a general mobilization call for volunteer fighters from Western Armenia as part of a reserve force.

The Government of Western Armenia is working to strengthen diplomatic ties with other governments that are not indifferent to legal issues concerning the Armenian people. This situation can not continue, we can no longer keep our hands folded.

France, being the co-chair of the Minsk Group, a signatory to the Treaty of Sevres, must declare about its support for the Armenian people. It is legally fundamental to return to the foundations of an international treaty signed by all the great powers and all parties.

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