Dear indigenous people living in the Republic of Azerbaijan: Talishians, Lezgins, Avarians, representatives of other national minorities. The Artsakh Justice Party addresses you: we have lived side by side for centuries as indigenous people, we have never had problems with each other. Today, your people are the majority of the surnames of the victims in Azerbaijan. As a result of the mobilization, you are primarily called up for military service. In a number of regions of Azerbaijan, where you live, your internet connection has been cut off.

We realize that this war is not your war, this is a war imposed on Armenia by the political power of Azerbaijan.

We call on the Talishians, Lezgins and Avarians  living abroad to try to persuade their compatriots living in Azerbaijan to cross to Dagestan and not to come and fight and die against our Armenian people.

We must show a united will, not making sacrifices.

As an indigenous people, you have the right to live on your own land and to have a statehood.