Mr. Director,

Following the unilateral attacks carried out by the Republic of Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020 against the Armenian civilian population of the autonomous Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), the Deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic of Western Armenia gathered today in a plenary session mandated me to communicate to all the parliaments of the world, to the media, as well as to the general public our strong condemnation of the attacks of Azerbaijan against the Armenian national territory of Artsakh.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Western Armenia also calls on the international community and the Minsk Group in particular to condemn the aggression of Azerbaijan in violation of international law and to participate in stopping these criminal attacks against Armenian civilian populations through diplomatic channels for the restoration of order and an immediate ceasefire.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Western Armenia denounces that the attacks were planned by Azerbaijan with the explicit support of Turkey. 

Therefore, Azerbaijan as executor of acts of war and Turkey as accomplice and instigator will be held responsible for all human losses as well as material and moral damages. 

The prestige that your media outlet has gained over the years and its firm commitment to just causes gives us confidence to ask you to amiably disseminate this parliamentary communication so that humanity does not remain indifferent to this grave crime, in the spirit of world peace.




Press service of the National Assembly of Western Armenia