Madam Mayor, Mr. Mayor,
Since September 27, 2020, the Azeri state supported by the Turkish state has been carrying out bombings and unprecedented violence on the territory of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) populated mainly by indigenous Armenians living on their ancestral lands for more than 10,000 years.
In 1921, the Soviet Union arbitrarily ceded this territory to Azerbaijan, contrary to international law and the will of the Armenian people, where Azeris pursued a discriminatory policy towards Armenians.
After 70 years of colonial pressure, the Armenian people decided to implement their right to self-determination by building their state structure in accordance with the legislation of the USSR and according to international standards by starting its process of secession from the USSR together with the Soviet Socialist Republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan.  It is therefore not a question of “separatism” but of the right of peoples to self-determination, the foundation of the United Nations Charter in its Article 1 paragraph 2 and the application of the International Peace Treaty signed in Sèvres on August 10, 1920. 
This decision provoked massacres in Baku, Kirovabad, Sumgait killing thousands of Armenians in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
In 1991, an Azeri aggression against the Artsakh Republic took place. This war caused thousands of deaths and resulted in the victory of the people of Artsakh exercising their right to self-determination and a ceasefire concluded on 14 May 1994. 
Today, this new war of Azeri aggression, supported by the Turkish armed forces, targets civilian populations and legally falls within the scope of war crimes according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and international humanitarian law.
This new war of aggression is directly linked to the question that remained unresolved, that of the eastern border of the Armenian state of Western Armenia recognized in 1920 by the Allied Powers but which is the subject of a plan of occupation by the Turkish armed forces.
Indeed, in international law according to Article 92 of the Treaty of Sévres “The respective borders between Armenia (Western Armenia), Azerbaijan and Georgia shall be determined by direct agreement between the States concerned”.
This is why Azerbaijan is trying to advance its borders through ethnic cleansing, without any consultation with the Armenian state of Western Armenia, as long as its military forces allow, with the aim of joining Nakhichevan.
The Armenian people went through many sufferings and the crimes that led to the drafting
of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The majority
of its population lives in exile without any restorative justice having taken place.
Today, history repeats itself, that of the perpetuation of the crime of genocide against one of
the oldest documented civilizations and the source of Indo-European languages and much of
the world’s civilizational heritage.
We count on your determination to be on the side of humanity, on the side of international
law in the face of chaos.
In the face of this state of total war which de facto involves the world beyond the parties
concerned, our humanity will not rise unscathed.
I urge you to act now to support a negotiated solution to this illegal war against the will of a
people who simply wish to continue to live on their ancestral lands in accordance with their
With my highest consideration,
Lydia Margossian
National Council of Western Armenia.