Ishkhan Aslan Ankosi, a former Kurdish diplomat and politician, in an interview with ANF – Euphrates told  that the war unleashed by Azerbaijan in Artsakh due to Turkish provocations continues in earnest. According to him, Turkey’s direct participation in the war continues to provoke reactions from international forces.

Ankosi says that no matter how much the war seems to be going on only in Artsakh, nevertheless all the international forces, mainly Turkey, are participating in this war, their goal is to seize the geography of the region and the resources of wealth.

The former diplomat, politician says. “Now Erdogan has impoverished his people at the expense of the money he has collected from his own people in the name of taxes in order to gather terrorist groups in Syria and force them to fight 

For what? Is he doing this to realize his Ottoman dream or for his own dictatorship? ”