Turkey and Azerbaijan have prepared for today’s war together. Here is an excerpt from Fehim Tashtekin’s article on the Karabakh war, published in the “Red Flag” periodical.

In the past, Turkey has pursued a policy in favor of Baku without getting involved in the conflict.

Relations changed when Erdogan drafted protocols on normalization of relations with Armenia in 2009 on the condition of Karabakh.

Azerbaijan became the main customer of Turkish weapons after Russia, Israel and Belarus.

After the conflict in Tavush in July, a new phase began. Turkey and Azerbaijan began to prepare together for the current war. Russia is the “big boss” in the region in terms of multifaceted horizontal and vertical relations. Now Erdogan wants to share the role of leader in the Caucasus with Putin. The Caucasus is Enver Pasha’s half-finished dream for the Turks.