The theater troupe of Shushi State Theater after Mkrtich Khandamiryan organizes puppet shows in Gyumri for the children of Artsakh.

As reported by Armenpress, the idea came from the theater director Ashkhen Harutyunyan, who was assisted by the theater administrator Lilit Mkrtchyan and the director’s sister’s children.

“A few days ago, an enemy projectile destroyed the  House of Culture of Shushi, which served as a theater building. The warehouse of our dolls and clothes was destroyed. “Naturally, we were sad. What we had gained through many years of hard work was lost in an instant, but then we realized that we should not leave the young audience without a fairy tale, because now more than ever, children need a fairy tale,” Ashkhen Harutyunyan told reporters. :

“We are everywhere with our audience. We will restore everything very quickly, the important thing is the breath of art that we can pass on to our children”, Ashkhen Harutyunyan added.

Until now, Harutyunyan has brought several groups of children from Artsakh, she is sure that everything will end soon, they will return to Artsakh, and before that the small theater group will show performances for the children who came to Gyumri from Artsakh.

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