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We remind you that these sites are fake sites to scam Armenians.

Scammers and usurpers have set up deceptive sites

Malicious individuals (Tigran Pashabezyan, Armen Ter-Sarkisyan, Radig Khamoyan and Tigran Harutyunyan and other accomplices ….) at work on the sites (Noyan Tapan@am),,, could incite you to carry out dangerous operations, such as installing software or divulging personal information (passwords, telephone numbers or credit card numbers, for example).

You may become a victim of “Phishing attacks”.

Phishing, phishing or spinning is a very common malicious technique on the Internet.

The objective: to use identity theft to obtain personal information and bank identifiers for criminal purposes.

The cybercriminal “disguises” himself as a trusted third party (banks, administrations, Internet service providers…) and distributes a fraudulent e-mail, or one containing a booby-trapped attachment, to a large list of contacts. The email invites recipients to update their personal (and often banking) information on a fake website to which they are redirected.

The list includes such a large number of contacts and increases the chances that one of the recipients will feel concerned by the broadcast message.

In one click, he is redirected to the falsified site which will collect all the information he provides.

This information is then made available to the cybercriminal, who only has to use the identifiers, passwords or bank data recovered.

These individuals based in Russia and the Republic of Armenia are cybercriminals already reported by the services of the Ministry of the Interior of Western Armenia to the competent authorities and have no legitimacy to speak on behalf of Western Armenia.

We advise the victims of fraud by this criminal association to contact by mail

Central Office for Combating Crime

Ministry of Interior of the Government of the Republic of Western Armenia