A military drill of Iranian Air Defense Force will kick off on October 21. General Ghader Rahimzadeh, the commander of the ‘Modafean Aseman Velayat’ drill made the announcement saying, “The joint Air Defense drill will start on Wednesday with the aim of improving combat readiness and synergizing the air defense capability of the Armed Forces.”

“The drill will be held with the participation of Iran Air Defense units, IRGC Aerospace Force and Army Air Force under the operational control of the country’s air defense base in the situation near to a real battle in an area encompassing more than half of the country,” he added.

Rahimzadeh went on to say, “During the exercise, which will be held in the form of a joint network-based operation with the aim of coordinating the air defense of the Armed Forces, a variety of indigenous missile systems, radar, electronic warfare, communication systems and visual surveillance network of the army and IRGC under operational guidance and control of the country’s air defense base will practice dealing with all types of low, medium, high altitude and long-range air threats in fully operational conditions based on the real battlefield.