Almost a month after the attack of the Turkish-Azerbaijani joint troops and the army of terrorists, this battle, which turned into a patriotic war, pushes us to talk to the people, to ourselves, to think about the past, to know what we will do here and in the battle.

The one fighting against us is not an enemy, but a collective terrorist gang that is fighting as much as it has weapons. The head of the “Eagle Suicide Squad” union, Major General Astvatsatur Petrosyan mentioned during a press conference yesterday.

We fought in 1990-94, we gave the best officers to the army, we gave heroes, we can not be indifferent. The battalion of 100 members that went to the front has 5 dead and 3 missing, now some of them are in the enemy’s territory.

The Turkish army has joined Azerbaijan with its entire corps leadership, starting from the head of defense, fighting against the general troops of our General Staff and Ministry of Defense. High-ranking military forces are fighting, and Turkey has taken over the entire leadership of the war.

“The entire General Staff, the army, the army of terrorists is led by the Turkish army, which has a million and a half troops, which has three armies located on the Armenian-Turkish border armed with high technology. It is an army armed with anti-aircraft units with 10 times more tanks and air units. But our military was able to fight and inflict dozens of casualties.

According to the Major General, the Armenian army has now replenished its ammunition. I call on all the Armenian people not only to transfer their money to the foundation but also transfer their experience, I call on everyone to unite and take part in the war. We are not going to die, but to live, because God has laid His hand on us. The homeland is not only painted with blood, we must live and fight the terrorist groups of Turkey, to expel and destroy Turkey.”