YSU Faculty of History student Mikayel Mikayelyan, who is a volunteer and takes part in the military operations for already a month, was also present at the press conference held at the Armenian Joint Information Center.

“I took part in the military operations in the southern direction. It is true that the war is very cruel, but the Armenian army is able to win brilliant victories. I enlisted in the army because, as a historian, I realize what happens, what a tragic end it is when the Armenian people do not come out against the enemy,” he said.

“I have a question: why did the people undergone genocide in 1915?” There was only one reason: we did not have a state, we did not have an army, ” volunteer Mikayel Mikayelyan answered his question.

That is why today the imperative of the establishment and strengthening of the state of Western Armenia is so important, to be nationally united in the construction of Western Armenia.