Chief Adviser to the President of the Artsakh Republic – Ambassador on Special Assignments Rudik Hyusnunts had a conversation with Medialab.

“I have been in that area with our boys since morning. Everything is clean in that gorge now. After the Artsakh President’s call, he ordered special operations, and our defense army carried them out with glory”, answered Rudik Hyusnunts on Arayaik Harutyunyan’s latest speech on Shushi.

“As a result of our targeted strikes, the enemy group was destroyed by hundreds of people with their weapons. The Turkish-Azerbaijani thugs were scattered. In particular, the Turks received special training from NATO special forces.

The task of all Armenians is to do everything today to be able to keep our Shushi, that sacred symbol like the biblical Mount Ararat. If we lost Shushi, we will lose our vision. Preserving Shushi is the sacred duty of all Armenians”, he mentioned.