When you are not Armenian, you don’t know much about this country, its culture and its history, even though you know many of its citizens, most of them are famous. We know that surnames end in ian or yan.

And we know this because there is a diaspora whose magnitude is beyond comprehension, two thirds of Armenians being outside their homeland!

Many people wonder what the Diaspora is, because there are few people who are spreaded all over the world. So it is difficult to understand why there are so many obstacles to recognizing what is obvious.

Also, if you are not Armenian, you don’t understand why there is so much debate about genocide and we don’t know all the details connected with it.

We just understand that there was a reason why many emigrated, the culprit refuses to admit his illegality. This is the history of the world. And it’s a very slow story, full of ironic competing interests.

We wonder why this topic has not been properly discussed so far when there is no debate about the Holocaust. Undoubtedly, because the Turks managed to forget that they had lost the war twice, unlike their German allies.

Vae victis ! (Woe to the conquered!)

When you are not Armenian, you know that Ararat saw the arrival of Noah’s Ark, that Xenophon passed through here during his journey, which is so well mentioned in Anabasis. But you do not know that Armenia is one of the cradles of Christianity, which was adopted by Armenians in 301.

When you are not Armenian, you do not know exactly where this country is, whose borders have changed so much over the centuries. That it has no access to the sea, having had three for centuries. You do not know that it is surrounded by Turkey and Azerbaijan, which has long been thirsty for the territory, and now they are bombarding it.

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