Recently, a secret document appeared in the Turkish press, according to which Turkey had developed a plan to attack Greece and Armenia. However, the plan to attack Greece was documented in 2014, and the plan to attack Armenia was ready in 2000.

The name of the plan to attack Greece was “TSK Çakabey Harekât Planlama Direktifi”, which was documented as of June 13, 2014, and was to be carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces. This program was known among the Turkish military as “Chaka-Bey”

The plan to attack Armenia was developed and prepared on August 15, 2000, and was called “TSK Altay Harekât Planlama Direktifi”. Among the Turkish military, this program was briefly called “Altai”, as if outlining the real, far-reaching goal of this program.

It should be noted that these, in fact, sensational materials were published by chance.

According to the Turkish-Swedish “Nordic Monitor”, when investigating the attempted military coup in 2016, Ankara Prosecutor Serdar Koçkun, studying the documents of the Turkish Army General Staff, accidentally found it and forgot to remove it from the indictment due to negligence.

And when it was published, the Turkish authorities were trying their best to cover up this scandal in order to prevent the leakage of more serious confidential information.

In 1998-1999, Turkey had high hopes that a civil war would break out in Armenia on October 27, but after these hopes were not met, it was decided to implement the so-called “Plan B”, ie to implement the “Altai” program.

According to that program, shocks had to be provoked in Armenia since 2000, and Turkey had to “work” in the Armenian political field in three directions:


  • To mediate that “the people of Karabakh are not Armenians” և The people of Armenia suffer because of the people of Karabakh, finding themselves in a blockade. And the Armenian heroes of the Karabakh war are ordinary criminals and robbers.
  • To mediate the propaganda that all the misfortunes of Armenia come from Moscow. That we should give up Russian military bases, try to “find common ground” with our neighbors in order for the blockade to disappear, so that people can start living well.

The ultimate goal is to spoil the Armenian-Russian relations in all directions.

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