Many of Turkey’s atrocious brutalities throughout history have

been ignored, mentions the author of the article Olivier Delorme. The historian bemoans the Western leniency towards the regime’s imperialism.

Is it really necessary to preserve the legacy of Comrade Lenin and Stalin in the Caucasus? Trying to find all possible excuses for the Turkish aggression against Syria, Libya, Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, this question must be asked, do not ignore the war waged by the Islamic-imperialist regime of Ankara against the Armenians through Azerbaijan.

It is interesting to see the reasons for the West’s leniency towards this regime, which is still funded by the European Union. The latter has collected the remnants of ISIS – Al Qaeda in the Middle East as an aid to its army, spreading them from Libya to the Caucasus.

It is still appropriate to ask why experts condemning the “return of the dark hours” are not outraged by the aggression of a state whose denial of the Genocide against Armenians  is the official propaganda material in schools and universities.

Just imagine for a moment the international reaction in case of a German attack on Israel.

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