The head of “Planet Travel Club” travel company Armen Yeranosyan wrote on his Facebook page.The Turks do not think ….

The Armenian army is celebrating victory in Shushi. An astonishing victory over the Turkish elite troops. Tomorrow and the next day, the world media will report on the ingenuity of the Armenian military-strategic thought.

I noticed a very surprising thing following the analysis of the official media. I noticed how poor the strategic thinking of the Turkish army is and I was convinced that they were only well-armed but had no thinking. 

Those who are familiar with the operation to liberate Shushi in 1992 know very well the military plan used by General Ghzoghlyan and Ter-Tadevosyan. The Turks literally repeat the military-strategic plan of Commandos. Even the directions of the attack are the same on the map.

They fight against the Armenians with the strategy of the Armenians, forgetting that the inventors of the military ingenuity called “Trap” for the protection of the fortifications are also the Armenians.

The result of that trap is the 500 Turkish special forces killed today. Using the ancient trap, the Armenians smashed the Turks and deprived them of the elite troops.

Glory to our Generals, to Armenian Officers and the powerful army.

Shushi won, today and tomorrow the pieces of the destroyed Turkish army will be completely destroyed and the army will launch a rapid attack.